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zero euro souvenir collector banknotes

started in france

zero euro souvenir collector banknotes

started in france

zero euro souvenir collector banknotes

With the advent of the euro, there has been some loss of national identity in individual euro area countries, given the use of universal euro banknote designs, which do not allow countries using the euro to create their own motifs, traditionally depicting the most important cultural but also natural sites or personalities.

What is unique about this concept is that, thanks to it, important places, but also personalities of a given country, can again get to a product strikingly reminiscent of a real banknote, even those who would not be allowed to do so on circulating banknotes, due to the limited number of denominations. banknote values.

Despite the individual issues of individual countries, the 0 Euro Souvenir concept does not divide European countries, but rather unites them by presenting their exceptional and interesting locations or personalities at country-specific issues, which are brought closer to the inhabitants of other European countries as part of collector’s tourism. 0 Euro Souvenirs not only look like real banknotes, but they are also real. Each piece is made on real 100% cotton paper like real banknotes and contains a number of security features such as a hologram, watermark, microprint, UV security features and more.

As the 0 Euro Souvenir is reminiscent of paper money, which mostly evokes a higher value than coins made of common metals, but its selling price as a souvenir is mostly identical to metal souvenir medals, it has found a lot of fans in a short time.

0 Euro The souvenir is the size of a euro banknote with a face value of 20 euros and color wise resembles a euro banknote with a face value of 500 euros.

GALLERY of Euro Souvenir

Austria 🇦🇹

Belgium 🇧🇪

Bulgaria 🇧🇬

Croatia 🇭🇷

Czech Republic 🇨🇿

Denmark 🇩🇰

Estonia 🇪🇪

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Greece 🇬🇷

Hungary 🇭🇺

Ireland 🇮🇪

Italy 🇮🇹

Latvia 🇱🇻

Lithuania 🇱🇹

Luxembourg 🇱🇺

Malta 🇲🇹

Netherlands 🇳🇱

Poland 🇵🇱

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